The Travel Almanac second edition featured Grey Cliffs Ranch as one of their 12 luxury hotels.  With a bit of a poetic write-up and a few pictures of our outfitter’s horses in the back pasture, we are in the company of interviews with Will Oldham, Juliette Lewis and Helmut Lang.  We are just honored beyond belief that we’ve been included in this book.  Paul Kominek, a writer for The Travel Almanac, came to visit us this past Spring.  On page 100, he wrote:

“Though the webpage of the Grey Cliffs Ranch would seem to auger professional hunters and other rifle aficionados, nothing could be further from the truth.

This intimate get-away lives up to any pacifist’s dream, even if the public areas of the main building are carpeted in animal pelts.  Still, the calm atmosphere of the hotel is somewhat like a stay at a Buddhist temple.  The nothing-less-than-spectacular landscape fends off any twinge of stress with a meditative spell (one which also, apparently, has a strong grip on the manager of the hotel, Chris Pfadt).  With Zen-like equipoise he prepares breakfast, leads tours around the spacious property, and introduces you to the wild horses, deer and pheasants: though these are true delectations in their own right, his patience and balance alone are worth the trip.

The main building of the Grey Cliffs Ranch consists of just five guest suites, each with a view of the stunning landscape.  Equipped with kitchens for guests’ use, these suites only add to the intimate feel of the ranch.  After a peaceful day on the grounds you may just find yourself dancing on the animals’ skins in the moonlit foyer.”